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Jordan Montgomery

Producer / Director of Photography

Jordan is a 22 year old Cinematographer, always looking to capture the beauty in everyday life. He has worked as Director of Photography on a number of short films, documentaries and music videos, with industry experience as Video Split Operator on ABC's Ronny Chieng: International Student.

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Liam Fouracre


Liam is a 20 year old aspiring filmmaker dedicated to visual storytelling. He aims to create fresh experiences through unique and poetic narratives. Liam has worked as 1st AC on a number of short films and music videos.

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Elly Thompson

Sound recordist / Sound design / score

Elly is pursuing her career as a Sound Engineer, having worked on numerous projects involved with studio production, live sound production, mixing, music composition for short films and advertisements, ADR, audio post-production, location recording, sound design, producing and songwriting.

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Khalid Naim


Khalid is a 20 year old film editor who has worked on several short films. He seeks the finest moments in footage that others might miss, with a strong passion for editing and a natural talent for finding a flow in the edit.